Field Services and Shop Repairs

Houston Emissions Reduction Systems provides Preventative Maintenance on Fire Pumps and Generators

Upon acceptance, we will service your Fire pump or Emergency Generator on an Annual/Simi annual basis. Our Full-Service Inspection price includes: Oil, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Water Filters, Waste Disposal, Oil Analysis Report, and overall evaluation report on your equipment serviced.

If your unit needs an Air Cleaner, Antifreeze, Belts, Batteries, tune up or a failed part replaced, our Technician will bring this to your attention for authorization to perform work. All services are according to NFPA Standards.

All services are according to NFPA Standards

Fire Pump and Generator Maintenance

We speciaize in performing preventative maintenance, diagnostic and service on all makes and models of diesel, Natural gas, LP vapor, liquid (spark ignited) generators and fire pumps. Learn More...

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